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Over the years, Breguet is always the best pronoun of Swiss watch and clock. In 1747, Breguet was born in Switzerland, but he lived in Paris majority of the time. In his lifetime he invented countless of great inventions. Among them, the best-known is the Breguet spiral, discovered until currently in each and every top quality watch, along with the tourbillion, the whirlwind - an ingenious device that Breguet invented to compensate for gravity influences on the balance spring in pocket watches. Among his other inventions, there was a brand new striking mechanism for repeaters, a new escapement, comparable to the chronometer escapement (1789), in the year of 1790, the parachute shock protection program, the cylinder escapement with a ruby cylinder, and Perrelet's self-winding mechanism. Throughout the improvements of its watch technology, we can conclude that Breguet is no doubt an outstanding brand that is worthy of highly praising. In consideration of this, now we professional website dedicates ourselves to retailing a broad range of replica Breguet watches to meet with different tastes of watch addicts.