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Air King

Air-King is the cheapest product line of Rolex, its retail price has not reached 30,000 yuan till today. The main reason why it is so cheap is that this watch is not C.O.S.C. certified. However, Rolex proved that the non-C.O.S.C. certified Air-King is no way inferior to the other Rolex watches. Rolex Air-King is in pursuit by Rolex junior players all over the world.

Rolex Air King is usually a component of the well-known Rolex Oyster Perpetual line, this model will be the least high-priced watch amongst the Rolex watch collections - this is one more wonderful plus due to which you may find Rolex Air King watches fairly appealing. The model is really stylish and it is likely to seem specifically appealing to those who are fond of military aviation, since this watch represents great historical value. Our High-End Air King Replicas comply using the standards of Top Quality Replica Watches. Each and every has started a micro-etching a tiny "coronet"(or crown) logo into the crystal, in the 6 o'clock position, that is the same as the Genuine Rolex. Besides, genuine Swiss Rolex Air King Replica Watches in our web-site use 25 Jewels ETA Automatic Movement, some Replica Rolexs even use 31-Jewels 3135 Movement. Obtain our Replica Air King with "14-Days" refund policy guaranteed.