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In 1954, Rolex published its revolutionary Submariner Ref.6204, the genuine diving watch came to people's daily life. In 1956, Rolex released Ref.6538, which was also called James Bond Submariner. It is said that the first watch used by 007 agent was Rolex Submariner. In 2003, it was the 50th anniversary of Submariner, Rolex published 16610LV green Submariner to celebrate this memorable moment. The success of Submariner will be engraved in Rolex landmark forever.

Rolex Submariner is portion of Rolex's Oyster Perpetual Professional line. The Rolex Submariner is recognised as a classic, and one of essentially the most widely recognized luxury watches within the world. The Submariner is created for diving and known for their resistance to water. Perhaps one of the most popular Rolex model, the Submariner was produced renowned by its most recognized wearer, James Bond. Our Replica Rolex Submariner uses Swiss ETA movement. The Sweep is as smooth as ETA. The case is solid stainless steel, some are Original ETA Construction. Not like Affordable Fake Submariners, ours are Swiss Produced Replicas, they doesn't have any of the typical flaws. We supply numerous popular models, such as Blue, Green Submariner and Replica Rolex Submariner 3135. Buy our Rolex Submariner Replica Watches and you will be impressed by the accuracy and sweep. Most need no service, and overall are new and clean and well oiled.