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Formula 1

A true classic, the Swiss made TAG Heuer watches have set the trend in the industry since their introduction in 1860. Continuous changes and improvements have allowed TAG Heuer to develop the reputation of providing elegance with reliability and accuracy. TAG Heuer Formula 1 Watches were designed to keep true to the racing tradition. Formula 1 or F1 races are an eternal part of our culture. Formula 1 watch is one of the most essential equipments needed by a participant in a Formula 1 event. It helps the drivers of the racing cars to keep track of every second as well as its divisions to be ahead of all his competitors. The Formula 1 watches give the Formula One racing car drivers all the chances of keeping a perfect track of time and accelerate with scorching speed when needed. They are different from the watches of day to day use and have evolved so as to help the Formula One drivers while the race is on. The Formula 1 have added a quotient of fashion to the world of motor racing and is becoming more and more popular among the Formula One professionals with every passing day.