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Link series was first launched in 1987 and was called S/el, means "sports and elegance". Because of its unique design concept, the series was favored by the F1 player Senna in 1988; he was wearing the S/el Series three times when he attended the F1 World Championship. In 1999, S/el series after a bold redesign released newly in the name of LINK on the globe and start using many sports stars as its spokesmen, among them including: Leonardo, Marion Jones and Boris Becker etc. Crafted from precious metals, meticulously sourced and finished gemstones, the Exclusive Collection takes the TAG Heuer LINK to a new level of grandeur and style. The beauty of 1007 diamonds (2.53 carats) carefully set by hand; makes the Exclusive model a precious object of timeless elegance. In 2003, in order to pay tribute to the golf legend figure and also the series global spokesmen Tiger Woods, TAG Heuer launched the Link series Tiger Woods limited edition watch. Throughout 20 years, TAG Heuer Link series has always been the most charm work which combine "sports and elegance" in Swiss watchmaking industry.