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Professional Golf

The world's first professional golf watch, in 2005 the Golf watch was cooperated design and develop by TAG Heuer with Tiger Woods. TAG Heuer spokesman Tiger Woods wins the IF product design award. "With his personality and his results, Tiger Woods is a perfect example of prestige and performance and are so important to TAG Heuer". The Tag Heuer Professional Golf watch is the first designed specifically for golf in the world, dual hands with a sweeping seconds hand are highlighted against a textured background that resembles a golf ball. TAG Heuer has announced a limited-edition launch of the world's first professional golf watch - a watch light and durable enough so that you can wear it to the tee without fear of compromising your shot. Fusing sports and glamour, the TAG Heuer Professional Golf Watch is the result of a partnership between Tiger Woods and TAG Heuer and a limited run of just 8000 pieces.TAG Heuer Golf is not only fit for the first-class golfer's body kinetic energy and aesthetic requirements.but also one of the most elegant and charming square watch in the market.