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Welder watches are rich in history. Date back to 1942 in Italy, Welder watches were created by U-Boat Italian designer Italo Fontana, who planned to move beyond the U-Boat watches to combine the highest standard of design and craftsmanship to produce a collection of spectacular men's watches which come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match all manner of style preferences. The timepiece company Officine Fotana drew up a selection of designs for watches with the purpose of the U-boat commanders being able to easily read the time in low levels of light. Welder watches are designed with the finest materials and portray the complex and hi-tech movements that are associated with the most high quality watches in the industry. Welder watches certainly move beyond the design realms of the standard watch and with cool features including interchangeable straps, they make for a versatile and varied timepiece. If you favour heavy duty and masculine watches which are designed to be noticed and create a unique statement, Welder is the perfect choice. Whatever you are looking for in a watch, within the collection of unique Welder watches there is sure to be something to catch your eye.

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